Sunblock shouldn’t clump or run. This Mama doesn’t want nasty stuff in your kids’ eyes, making them cry.

Forget the squeezing, the oozing, the greasy feeling you get with store-bought sunscreens. You need eco-friendly sun protection that stays where you put it and goes on clear for picture-perfect skin.

When my Extreme Face Sunblock Stick goes on, it stays on. The easy applicator lets you cover up quick and get on the move—apply and say, “Goodbye, sun damage!” Just throw it back in the bag and go for a swim when you’re done, love. I’ll keep you protected for up to 80 minutes.

My all-natural sunscreen with zinc contains no harmful chemicals and no icky oils. I made this sunscreen to treat the sensitive skin on your face right, but it’s the perfect sunscreen for babies, too!

So skip the hives and ride the waves. Leave the skin irritation and breakouts for the sprayers and slatherers who don’t know what they’re missing.

  • Convenient, travel-sized “sunscreen in a stick” applicator lets you apply and reapply quickly and easily. None of the fuss or mess of conventional sun creams or lotions. Keep it in your purse, your pocket, or toss it in your beach bag.
  • Ideal for the face, nose, ears… basically anywhere you want to apply!
  • No more sun damage! No more skin damage! Get the best UVA and UVB protection without the skin irritation or rashes you get from store-bought sunscreens.
  • Tested and approved by mothers, children, and professional athletes.
  • Nurtures and revitalizes your skin… My hypoallergenic sun protection lets you have a good time at the beach and happy skin after that.
  • Sunscreen that doesn’t run is the sunscreen that won’t sting your eyes. Goes evenly on your face.

Honey, I only use sunscreen ingredients full of free-radical fighting antioxidants that hydrate and heals your skin. Ingredients like non-micronized zinc-oxide, jojoba, coconut, lavender, and gmo-free vitamin E—it’s all eco-friendly and reef-safe… NO harmful nanoparticles.

So put some on, honey. It’ll keep you safe in the sun for over an hour, whether you’re sweating or swimming.

Product Details:

1 oz push-up applicator stick

Active Ingredients:

24% Non Nano, Non Micronized Zinc Oxide

Organic Ingredients:

*Beeswax, GMO Free Vitamin E Oil

* Unrefined Cold Pressed Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Cocoa Butter

Additional Information:

Apply liberally and reapply after 80 minutes or after excessive sweating or water time. Product may have a yellow caste… completely normal for organic sunscreens. Product will soften in heat and harden in cooler temperatures. Our beeswax comes from local beekeepers in Cascadia, OR. Support your local apiarists!

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